Co-Ver Polska Sp. z o.o. is a company operating in the industrial plants sector since 2005, based on the experience of the Italian “mother” company Co-Ver Industrial S.r.l.

During his more than three decades of activity Co-Ver Industrial S.r.l. realized hundreds of projects in the industrial sector all over Europe.

Based on such achievements of “mother” company and based on his own experience, Co-Ver Polska can indicate optimal solutions according to the needs of the investor.

Our main business is a complex assembly technological lines and construction of industrial plants.

Their projects the company performs by employing specialists from the sector of heavy industry construction and welding.

The experience gained in the implementation of industrial installations allows us to do our job perfectly, maintaining a high standard of services, using the latest technology and our own technical patents.

Since 2011, the company Co-Ver Polska has been taken over by the Italian shareholder, SitVerba S.r.l. company.